A hidden treasure along the Hudson: Dia:Beacon

Loving hubby and I consider ourselves art lovers and we enjoy nothing more than spending a day at a museum (ok we enjoy it even more when it’s followed by a cocktail at the Museum’s trendy bar). However we could not have more opposite artistic taste and in any exhibition we visit, his favorite piece will always be the one that I liked the least (euphemism for absolutely hated). We managed to build a humble collection with a few pieces that we miraculously both appreciated. He did slip in a few that I could have lived without in my living room, one example would be a sculpture of a bird with a human head that whistles. Although I can’t confirm the whistling part as we are not allowed to try it, got forbid it would break. I agreed to that purchase because it is from upcoming superstar artist Kiki Smith and it was surprisingly in our prices. But it better pay for a $4M loft in Tribeca one day.

Another piece was forced on me as “babe, I bet online on this piece thinking we would never get it but it turns out nobody else bet on it (not a good sign) so I guess we won it” – Congrats?

But one thing we do agree on is our favorite museum in the Tri-State area: Dia Beacon. It is the best place to take your children to as it is a huge space, some of the art is extremely accessible for kids of all ages and there is never anybody. So don’t spoil this for us and start spreading the word.

It is not allowed to take pictures so please bear with me, I had to sneak around the guards, who were so happy to finally see a human being.

A rest at the end of the exhibit…

The trick to make the day magical is to complete it with a stroll around some cute villages in the area: Rhinebeck or Hudson. They both have charming restaurants for a nice brunch (or that cocktail we were talking about).

Another option is the Culinary Institute of America on the way. But book a table in advance – and let me know how it is, we always think of it once we’re on the road and they’re always booked.

And if you manage to get a reservation, maybe we can work something out. I have a human-headed whistling bird that I can exchange you for it.

Dia: Beacon

3 Beekman Street

Beacon, NY 12508

(845) 440-0100


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