The casualties of Christmas

The Christmas season is over and as we threw out the tree last night, I reminisced on our Baby Boy’s 2nd Christmas… and the many victims that ensued.

It started so well, with our Boy being the perfect little helper while we were setting up the tree.






Waiting for Santa…


Then he decided to go on Santa’s naughty list.

Here is a requiem for the victims:

#1- “My First Christmas” ball. It was indeed his Second Christmas. What were we even thinking putting it out?


#2- Every other ball hung. I had to run out buy a whole new set of decorations. On December 15th, the only balls left in the stores are oversized and bright pink. It’s a look. (I threw them out with the tree).

Pink Christmas Tree

#3- The possibility of a Holiday card with a nice Boy sitting on Santa’s lap. These were the only ones we were able to get:




#4- The hubby’s usual big pile of Christmas gifts. Santa obviously has a new favorite at Grandma’s house.

#5- Every one of the 12 pacifiers that we brought over to Grandma’s house. It seems they were somehow thrown behind the couch (and Grandma later discovered more behind the laundry basket, other couches, desks…)


#6- The remote control found at the bottom of the toilets and my iPhone in his bathtub (full). I managed to miraculously save both, thanks to a night spent in a bowl of rice. We threw the rice out afterwards.

However I’m somewhat relieved that he was on the naughty list this year, as he still got a very large amount of gifts. I can’t imagine what he would have got had he been nice… we just wouldn’t have had the place for it.

And that would have drove us crazy.



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