My List of FFF Restaurants (Fashionable Family Friendly)

Here are some of my favorite cool places to eat with kids:

(not your average Chuck-E-Cheese)

Let me remind you that these are cool places before they are kids places, so I would generally avoid testing them on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night.


Spitzer’s Corner

Great for strollers as it’s big and plenty of space to roll around. They have a very nice back room that is generally more quiet. This is our default casual brunch (The grilled cheese sandwich and fries are perfect for a hangover).

– Inoteca

If you avoid crowded nights, it’s a nice place with easy food for kids to eat: panini and tartines to share.


Blaue Gans

Delicious Austrian food by the same chef as Wallse in West Village. The place is big and airy so it’s perfect for kids. The only thing is that everyone in that neighborhood knows it so don’t go there if you want to avoid other parents and their own little devils.



Centro Vinoteca

Nice and easy Italian, always calm with enough space for a stroller and for kids on the benches. The menu is classic and good. Don’t expect a changing table in the underlit tiny bathrooms however. The trick is to go on the 2nd floor dining room and to change diapers on the couch. Just don’t tell them I told you that.



Birreria (rooftop restaurant at Eataly)

The best place for kids. See my post of March 2012 “23rd St Stroll”


City Bakery

The best cookies in town! Great place to stop for a treat during the day or a quick lunch. Closes at 7pm (Sundays at 6).



Pretty convenient for kids in a neighborhood where restaurants tend to be small and crowded. There is enough room for strollers and the noise level is perfect for kids.


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