Sandy and the haunted house

A few days in the dark thanks to hurricane Sandy and the blackout of 6 days that followed, combined with Halloween week, was exactly the shock therapy that my two men needed to cure their slight fear of dark situations.

I should have guessed it many years ago when my loving hubby (at that time my loving date) took me to a haunted house with friends. It was rightfully called “Nightmares” and apparently dozens of people chicken out every day (if you scream “Nightmare!” they turn the lights on and let you out).  I have to admit, it is pretty intense.

I have proof of our bravery (we didn’t scream “nightmare”) but as you can tell my loving hubby is less than reassured:


We tried again the following year and similar courage was displayed:

We have since then avoided all types of creepy houses.

This summer, we were walking next to another haunted house when the monster in front started talking to us. Seeing the traumatized face of my poor Baby Boy, I see I can expect the same fearlessness from him as his father.


So we had kept this Halloween safe with nice elephant’s costumes and disco divas (I’m a sucker for a good afro):


And then Sandy arrives and we had to deal with complete darkness for a 6 days. We handled it pretty well at first thanks to about 20 candles displayed all over the house and pots of boiling water to make a warm bath. But this is when my worst fear came alive: Superactive Baby Boy stuck in an apartment for 5 days straight. He managed to: break a glass (go try to pick up glass pieces in the dark), put out a candle with his bare hands, pour out 4 full water bottles on the floor, draw beautiful patterns on the floor with the liquid laundry detergent and pour soap and toilet paper in the tub full of emergency water in case the water was shut down. My husband retrieved his keys from the microwave and I managed to save the Louboutins from the oven just before I turned it on. We were prepared for Hurricane Sandy, we didn’t expect Hurricane Baby Boy.

So on day 5, it was our turn to scream “Nightmare” and we drove out to the in-laws in Buffalo. We were such in a rush to get out of the city, we made it in our record time yet.


NYC Festivals: the best and the less best (and a Bonpoint sale)

The great thing about New York is that there is some sort of Festival happening every day. We are constantly celebrating something: food, cinema, foreign culture… food. And the last 2 weeks, we have been very busy visiting a random selection of festivals.

The first one was called “Le Grand Fooding” and was all about “experiencing food differently”. Integrating Philosophy into Food, obviously this is a French initiative (I can tease, I’m a French initiative myself). The concept was to resemble a giant outside campfire overlooking the water and the Manhattan skyline. Many great restaurants from around the world traveled to the event and were serving delicious samplings.

Rising star from San Francisco Danny Bowien (Last NYC outpost: Mission Chinese in the LES)

French desert  virtuoso Pierre Hermé (with a devoted fan in myself)

And to make this Brooklyn event an complete hipster night, the Swedish Indie Pop group Mike Snow was performing (and acting as you would expect from a Swedish Indie Pop group…):

Yesterday we are strolling as a happy cool family in Lower East Side, when we stumble upon another food festival (I didn’t quit get the specifics of that one). Leave it to our boy to take advantage of some nice house music and an even nicer participant to start his own dance party:

I can’t help but think that he’s also saying “Damn, your shoes are even brighter than mine!”

But the oscar goes to the amazing festival we went to on Saturday: The Halloween Dog Parade. (Yes, you read properly: dogs in costumes walking down their own parade).

Here is a sampling of the best specimen…

I hope the owner is in costume too:

I guess this one is dressed as a classy jersey girl?

He better not get any idea, we are not getting a dog…

And now after this display of chicness, I feel it is time to let you know about the classier news of the week: the semi-annual Bonpoint sale this Thursday & Friday!

Following the dog festival, it’s definitively what the Dr recommends.

Bonpoint Sale

Thursday, October 25 & Friday, October 26. Thurs 9am—7pm, Fri 9am—3pm.
Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th St

A good old classic: the Zoo

I’ve always heard the greatest reviews of The Bronx zoo and it is said to be the biggest metropolitan zoo in the world (at least according to their website). So it sounded like a perfect place for Baby Boy to let his wild side(s) loose and we took advantage of the last warm days to make a family expedition with friends. They had the good idea to be zoo members, which was highly appreciated when it allowed us to park exactly across the entrance gate (and enter for free :)).

I have to say that the zoo is quite spectacular and the Boy was in awe in front of every animal he saw.

Our super smart boy successfully reproduced all the animal sounds we had taught him, up to the deers who now apparently say “moooh”. We’ve been working on that since and I think we got it right now.

My first giraffe (the ones in the Buffalo zoo had been too far by a cold January day to walk all the way to them)

Discovering the aquatic life:

They really have some strange creatures here:

A romantic break with the girlfriend (supervised, she is still a minor)

Waiting for the monorail, for a tour above the  jungle:

Taking it in:

With a glance at another pretty creature on my left:

a more attractive one:

We went home after a fun-filled day… to find the newpaper’s headline:

The day before, a guy had jumped from the monorail into the tigers’ pit and after a (I presume) short battle, had lost his foot to one of them.

I guess we picked the more kid-friendly day of the WE for a visit at the Zoo.

Take me down to Paradise City: The in-laws

So I’m a little puzzled. In the statistics of this blog, I can track how readers found me online. And it seems someone entered the below search terms in Google:

I am French.

I write about kids.

So I’m a bit curious to know how Google ended up listing my blog from “American Sex Party”, or what led up to it.

In the meantime, I have to excuse my silence for the last 2 weeks, I have been enjoying paradise bliss thanks to my fabulous in-laws. And this will be the tip of the week: enjoy a much underrated WE at the in-laws. And if it’s followed by a few days back home without the kiddo, even better.

We spent a 3 day WE in Buffalo and took advantage of all the great activities that took place during that WE, thanks to great baby-sitting support from the grandparents.

Discovering real life animals at the County Fair:

Discovering vintage cars at a colorful car show:

my fabulous in-laws:

Next step was an amazing vintage kids fair:

And the piece de resistance of the WE was an attraction that I had never done in my life….

a romantic night at the Drive-in with the hubby, making out in the backseat like teenagers! But the more adult version of it: in the front seat with a great bottle of wine.

We followed this amazing WE by an even better week…. alone in the city! We left Baby Boy for 3 extra days with his grandparents and enjoyed some much appreciated alone couple time. We caught up on all the new small intimate restaurants that we had banned from our vocabulary.

And now that I think of it, there might have been some of that “American party” we previously mentioned… ;)

Jacadi… pour les petits!

… or “Jacadi for the little ones” but it didn’t rhyme in English so I went for the French version. Yes, in this blog you learn about great activities AND languages.
So I just got a very interesting information but I don’t know if I should be excited or not. And it all lies on a language question. I just received my favorite email: the announce of a Jacadi Sample Sale next Tuesday!! but followed by  “for infants boys & girls“…

English not being my first language, I’m not sure what defines an “infant”. Is it toddler only, once you walk you’re out? Is it before you know how to speak? My boy is 16 months, he walks but doesn’t (really) speak, is he an infant?? Couldn’t they just say 3 to — 12?/18?/24? months!

So I went online, in search of a proper definition for “infant”.

According to wikipedia, infant comes from the Latin word infans, meaning “unable to speak”. YAY, that means Baby boy’s in :).

According to the webster dictionary: “a child in the first period of life”. Well thanks. That doesn’t help at all. I feel I’m still in my first period of life.

And according to google, “A very young child or baby”.

So given this lack of precised timeline, I have decided to take a leap of faith and just go try it out next Tuesday. Worth case scenario, I have a few newborn gifts coming up.

And in any case, this might just be the reason I needed to start working on #2.


If you want to join me:  Jacadi & others Sample Sale

261 W 36th Street (between 7th & 8th Ave)
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018

Tuesday-Thursday 10am-6pm                                                                                                                                           Fall/Winter merchandise

Austin Powers, Buffalo Power

As you may have noticed, I aspire to be an effortless and fashionable mom as often as I can (try to) pull it off. And I thought I had achieved it beautifully when our close friends invited us to spend the Labor Day WE in their family house in the Hamptons. I had already planned the activities, the resulting blog topics and the beachwear/ Hamptonswear for Baby Boy.

But when the WE was cancelled at the last minute, I had to convert the glorious WE in the Hamptons into an 8h road trip to Buffalo to visit the in-laws.

What’s this you say, maman?!

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my in-laws and I am the luckiest (and most spoiled) daughter-in-law there is. But somehow saying it is a little glamorous. Or maybe just less pretentious…

Our little boy being car sick (with an average of 2 throw ups per hour), the extended drive also means that we are in for double the fun (like Doublemint Gum used to advertise in the 80’s).

Nevertheless, I know we will have an amazing WE, surrounded by family, great dinners and always great wine.

And this is when the loving hubby had a brilliant idea…. hehehehahaha… (to be read with Dr Evil’s sardonic laugh)

Since my fabulous mother-in-law was coming to visit us a few days later, why wouldn’t we leave baby Boy a few extra days in Buffalo and she would bring him back when she comes to visit next week?! He is such a innocent and calm little angel, what could go wrong? :)

hehehe hahahaHAHA!!! (more Sardonic laugh)

Well I don’t want to scare her off until we have deposited the package, and in case she reads this post, I will assure her that he is the little angel of the pictures. He’s been moving a lot on Skype lately? I’m sure it’s just your camera moving.

Mwahahaha hahahhahaha…..

(We love you Janice, THANK YOU)