The casualties of Christmas

The Christmas season is over and as we threw out the tree last night, I reminisced on our Baby Boy’s 2nd Christmas… and the many victims that ensued.

It started so well, with our Boy being the perfect little helper while we were setting up the tree.






Waiting for Santa…


Then he decided to go on Santa’s naughty list.

Here is a requiem for the victims:

#1- “My First Christmas” ball. It was indeed his Second Christmas. What were we even thinking putting it out?


#2- Every other ball hung. I had to run out buy a whole new set of decorations. On December 15th, the only balls left in the stores are oversized and bright pink. It’s a look. (I threw them out with the tree).

Pink Christmas Tree

#3- The possibility of a Holiday card with a nice Boy sitting on Santa’s lap. These were the only ones we were able to get:




#4- The hubby’s usual big pile of Christmas gifts. Santa obviously has a new favorite at Grandma’s house.

#5- Every one of the 12 pacifiers that we brought over to Grandma’s house. It seems they were somehow thrown behind the couch (and Grandma later discovered more behind the laundry basket, other couches, desks…)


#6- The remote control found at the bottom of the toilets and my iPhone in his bathtub (full). I managed to miraculously save both, thanks to a night spent in a bowl of rice. We threw the rice out afterwards.

However I’m somewhat relieved that he was on the naughty list this year, as he still got a very large amount of gifts. I can’t imagine what he would have got had he been nice… we just wouldn’t have had the place for it.

And that would have drove us crazy.



A Bronx Tale

Our Baby Boy has 2 new words he keeps repeating (outside of “no” and “mine”): “oh, oh, oh” – and not “ho, ho, ho” – every time he sees Santa Claus and “Choo choo” when he sees a train. So loving hubby had the brilliant idea to take the family up to the Botanical Garden this WE for their annual Holiday Train Show.

I didn’t know much about it, but I already loved it when I saw that you could select the options “Mr, Mrs, Princess, Countess, Baroness…” when ordering your ticket online. So Loving hubby, Baby Boy and Princess Maman drove up to the Bronx yesterday to go see ourselves some Royal Choo Choos.

I have to say the place is magical, from the outside to the entrance lobby to the exhibition.


The enchantment starts in the entrance lobby with the friendly staff playing along with the theme:




After a 10 min waiting line (what’s the point of buying tickets for a certain time slot if they don’t control the amount of people then?), we arrived in a Winter Wonderland in the jungle: electric trains running all around with landmark buildings of Manhattan recreated amongst a tropical vegetation.

I had never seen my Boy so excited.

Nor our son :)



IMG_2314 (2)IMG_2333IMG_2311



The closest we will probably ever be to the Lycee Francais, since we didn’t win last week’s $550M lottery …


It was a great exhibition despite the crowd at the beginning. And Baby Boy had the time of his life.

Maman too since she was able to be a Princess for a day. And she brought back home a very happy little prince (and his son too).

A hidden treasure along the Hudson: Dia:Beacon

Loving hubby and I consider ourselves art lovers and we enjoy nothing more than spending a day at a museum (ok we enjoy it even more when it’s followed by a cocktail at the Museum’s trendy bar). However we could not have more opposite artistic taste and in any exhibition we visit, his favorite piece will always be the one that I liked the least (euphemism for absolutely hated). We managed to build a humble collection with a few pieces that we miraculously both appreciated. He did slip in a few that I could have lived without in my living room, one example would be a sculpture of a bird with a human head that whistles. Although I can’t confirm the whistling part as we are not allowed to try it, got forbid it would break. I agreed to that purchase because it is from upcoming superstar artist Kiki Smith and it was surprisingly in our prices. But it better pay for a $4M loft in Tribeca one day.

Another piece was forced on me as “babe, I bet online on this piece thinking we would never get it but it turns out nobody else bet on it (not a good sign) so I guess we won it” – Congrats?

But one thing we do agree on is our favorite museum in the Tri-State area: Dia Beacon. It is the best place to take your children to as it is a huge space, some of the art is extremely accessible for kids of all ages and there is never anybody. So don’t spoil this for us and start spreading the word.

It is not allowed to take pictures so please bear with me, I had to sneak around the guards, who were so happy to finally see a human being.

A rest at the end of the exhibit…

The trick to make the day magical is to complete it with a stroll around some cute villages in the area: Rhinebeck or Hudson. They both have charming restaurants for a nice brunch (or that cocktail we were talking about).

Another option is the Culinary Institute of America on the way. But book a table in advance – and let me know how it is, we always think of it once we’re on the road and they’re always booked.

And if you manage to get a reservation, maybe we can work something out. I have a human-headed whistling bird that I can exchange you for it.

Dia: Beacon

3 Beekman Street

Beacon, NY 12508

(845) 440-0100

Jacadi… pour les petits!

… or “Jacadi for the little ones” but it didn’t rhyme in English so I went for the French version. Yes, in this blog you learn about great activities AND languages.
So I just got a very interesting information but I don’t know if I should be excited or not. And it all lies on a language question. I just received my favorite email: the announce of a Jacadi Sample Sale next Tuesday!! but followed by  “for infants boys & girls“…

English not being my first language, I’m not sure what defines an “infant”. Is it toddler only, once you walk you’re out? Is it before you know how to speak? My boy is 16 months, he walks but doesn’t (really) speak, is he an infant?? Couldn’t they just say 3 to — 12?/18?/24? months!

So I went online, in search of a proper definition for “infant”.

According to wikipedia, infant comes from the Latin word infans, meaning “unable to speak”. YAY, that means Baby boy’s in :).

According to the webster dictionary: “a child in the first period of life”. Well thanks. That doesn’t help at all. I feel I’m still in my first period of life.

And according to google, “A very young child or baby”.

So given this lack of precised timeline, I have decided to take a leap of faith and just go try it out next Tuesday. Worth case scenario, I have a few newborn gifts coming up.

And in any case, this might just be the reason I needed to start working on #2.


If you want to join me:  Jacadi & others Sample Sale

261 W 36th Street (between 7th & 8th Ave)
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018

Tuesday-Thursday 10am-6pm                                                                                                                                           Fall/Winter merchandise