Antiquing in New Jersey

I’m often criticized a few repeat offenses:

Loving hubby seems to think that I am unable to do two things at once. Apparently this includes walking and drinking, as he claims that I stop in my tracks every time I take a sip. I’ve never noticed and have my doubts.

I am always late. To this, I plead mea culpa as this is an incurable illness I have battled with all my life. I secretly believe it is hereditary as a very close family member has had the same flaw all her life. So I wonder if I should even continue fighting it. People know this about me anyways and I’ve noticed that now all meeting times I am given are always “by mistake” an hour before everybody else’s.

A new one was given to me recently by one of the hubby’s friend while antiquing in New Jersey. It seems I am impossible to shop with, spending too much time debating each purchase and discussing with store owners. My dad does always talk with horror about the only time he took me shopping 15 years ago. It was such an excruciating pain for him that he has been traumatized ever since. He even mentioned it in his speech at our wedding. I just notice that the common ground between these two anecdotes is that they both involve men and men don’t understand the art of shopping. You don’t buy the first thing you see in the first store you walk in, because you don’t know if you won’t find better afterwards. It’s just common sense (an asset men lack of).

If the shopping experience was debatable that day (although I brought back 2 great lamps that would have retailed 5 times more at ABC carpet), the Antiquing tour was great and we went again last WE with my mom freshly landed from Paris. Somehow the hubby’s friend declined the invitation this time.

Start the tour in Frenchtown, NJ: a tiny and adorable town on the border of the Delaware river. You will find several cute stores to browse through.

Frenchtown, nj (2)

Then head south down the Delaware river towards Lambertville, NJ. I prefer the ride on the Pennsylvania side of the river so cross the bridge and go down route 32. It’s a beautiful 30min ride along the water.

Lambertsville is a gorgeous town dedicated to antiquing and all other great stuffs in life (decadent chocolates being one of them).














Finish your tour by crossing the bridge back to the Pennsylvania side to the town across the water: New Hope, PA. You will find more adorable stores. And the piece de resistance for boys aged from 1 to 35…. they have an antique train station.



And that made two boys very happy.IMG_2690


5 tricks for fast cash to buy a NYC apartment

I’ve always had very high dreams in life. But I had categorized a 3 bedroom apartment (preferably in Tribeca) as a mid-level dream. Maybe not right now, but hopefully by the time we have baby #3. After a party in a similar apartment a few weeks ago, I had to readjust my grading system. It was $4M. And I checked, no hidden terrace nor private pool.

So I’ve come up with a few tricks to make fast cash overnight in Manhattan.

– Trick #1: Take a picture of a celebrity and sell it to the tabloids

It turns out that my office is directly across from Jay-Z and Beyonce’s duplex apartment. So I was hoping for The Million Dollar Shot when Baby Blue Ivy came along. Unfortunately after 12 months of scrutinizing, all I could see is the chef grilling steaks on their outdoor barbecue. And the cover of their ping-pong table being beige. I haven’t found a buyer yet.


– Trick #2: Become a youtube sensation

I read that the video clip of “Gangnam Style” (hilarious, I will admit) was viewed more than 950 million times and brought the singer $8.1M this year.  Now THAT gives you a private terrace.

It so happens that a hilarious video was taken of our little Boy a few weeks ago. He was staying at Grandma’s, where he heard a slang word that he joyfully repeated all day. I was about to put it online when I was told I may be viewed as a bad mother if I advertize my young one swearing. I wouldn’t risk that, even for a dream apartment…. (even if I tell you the apartment was one block from my work?)

Ok after 1h of searching how to upload a video, I just discovered that i cannot, so I uploaded it on youtube for you to view. Don’t judge me.

– Trick #3: Turn your child into a modeling star:

After a few people mentioned that our boy could be a child model, I considered the option and did a little bit of research. I think you’re ethically supposed to save the money for college or for him to use when he is 21, but he would be the first one to benefit from a bigger apartment, wouldn’t he? And I promise, the biggest room will be his playroom. But all the agencies I checked online were promoting how their were going to convert my “little angel” into the “next big star of the modeling /acting industry and help you get ahead in this competitive environment”. I’m looking for a bigger apartment, not a substance abuse in 14 years.

– Trick #4: Buy a cheap place instead

Keeping an open mind, I thought I had found the hidden treasure when I stumbled upon a huge duplex for a bargain. Obviously there was a flip side: the place was an old Doctor’s office, it didn’t have bathrooms, was on the first floor with a store front and would have need some serious renovation. But how cool to walk into your apartment like it’s a store? Talk about Retail therapy…  And who can say they have an Operating Room as a playroom? (severe sterilization recommended).

However despite my many calls, nobody ever called me back.

Doctor's office

– Trick #5: Become a successful blogger

I’ve been working on a little humble blog for the last 10 months, trying to find fun and fashionable addresses where cool Manhattanite parents can go out with their kids. It’s been fun (and time consuming!) but so far, despite one communication agency contacting me for a possible partnership, my revenues have been zero.

So if you know anyone that may be interested in paying me $4M for advertising, I would be forever grateful. I’ll give your kids a permanent invitation to our playroom. You might even bump into Blue Ivy and her parents there.