Antiquing in New Jersey

I’m often criticized a few repeat offenses:

Loving hubby seems to think that I am unable to do two things at once. Apparently this includes walking and drinking, as he claims that I stop in my tracks every time I take a sip. I’ve never noticed and have my doubts.

I am always late. To this, I plead mea culpa as this is an incurable illness I have battled with all my life. I secretly believe it is hereditary as a very close family member has had the same flaw all her life. So I wonder if I should even continue fighting it. People know this about me anyways and I’ve noticed that now all meeting times I am given are always “by mistake” an hour before everybody else’s.

A new one was given to me recently by one of the hubby’s friend while antiquing in New Jersey. It seems I am impossible to shop with, spending too much time debating each purchase and discussing with store owners. My dad does always talk with horror about the only time he took me shopping 15 years ago. It was such an excruciating pain for him that he has been traumatized ever since. He even mentioned it in his speech at our wedding. I just notice that the common ground between these two anecdotes is that they both involve men and men don’t understand the art of shopping. You don’t buy the first thing you see in the first store you walk in, because you don’t know if you won’t find better afterwards. It’s just common sense (an asset men lack of).

If the shopping experience was debatable that day (although I brought back 2 great lamps that would have retailed 5 times more at ABC carpet), the Antiquing tour was great and we went again last WE with my mom freshly landed from Paris. Somehow the hubby’s friend declined the invitation this time.

Start the tour in Frenchtown, NJ: a tiny and adorable town on the border of the Delaware river. You will find several cute stores to browse through.

Frenchtown, nj (2)

Then head south down the Delaware river towards Lambertville, NJ. I prefer the ride on the Pennsylvania side of the river so cross the bridge and go down route 32. It’s a beautiful 30min ride along the water.

Lambertsville is a gorgeous town dedicated to antiquing and all other great stuffs in life (decadent chocolates being one of them).














Finish your tour by crossing the bridge back to the Pennsylvania side to the town across the water: New Hope, PA. You will find more adorable stores. And the piece de resistance for boys aged from 1 to 35…. they have an antique train station.



And that made two boys very happy.IMG_2690