A Bronx Tale

Our Baby Boy has 2 new words he keeps repeating (outside of “no” and “mine”): “oh, oh, oh” – and not “ho, ho, ho” – every time he sees Santa Claus and “Choo choo” when he sees a train.┬áSo loving hubby had the brilliant idea to take the family up to the Botanical Garden this WE for their annual Holiday Train Show.

I didn’t know much about it, but I already loved it when I saw that you could select the options “Mr, Mrs, Princess, Countess, Baroness…” when ordering your ticket online. So Loving hubby, Baby Boy and Princess Maman┬ádrove up to the Bronx yesterday to go see ourselves some Royal Choo Choos.

I have to say the place is magical, from the outside to the entrance lobby to the exhibition.


The enchantment starts in the entrance lobby with the friendly staff playing along with the theme:




After a 10 min waiting line (what’s the point of buying tickets for a certain time slot if they don’t control the amount of people then?), we arrived in a Winter Wonderland in the jungle: electric trains running all around with landmark buildings of Manhattan recreated amongst a tropical vegetation.

I had never seen my Boy so excited.

Nor our son :)



IMG_2314 (2)IMG_2333IMG_2311



The closest we will probably ever be to the Lycee Francais, since we didn’t win last week’s $550M lottery …


It was a great exhibition despite the crowd at the beginning. And Baby Boy had the time of his life.

Maman too since she was able to be a Princess for a day. And she brought back home a very happy little prince (and his son too).